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resize or scale images in orchard simply by url or using the build-in HtmlHelper
Update: Automatic resizing is now also possible!

When you're using Media Garden module you could better use the build-in image resizer which uses the same library for resizing as this module.
Please read the imageresizer library license


resize using htmlHelper:
- include : @using So.ImageResizer.Helpers;
- using html helper like : @Html.ResizedImage(avatar,"",new{},width:81,height:80, crop:ResizeSettingType.CropMode.Auto);

resize using url:
  • Automatic resizing*
- Enable the automatic resizing feature
- Install and configure the ImageResize library in Orchard.Web and enable the use of this library in the Settings of the Orchard Backend.
  • Improvement ideas:*
- Optional encrypt generated url so it become nicer and shorter

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